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One of the Most Complete Lines of Stretch Wrapping Equipment Available

ARPAC LLC provides semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping equipment in several configurations, able to wrap practically anything. ARPAC’s pallet stretch wrappers can wrap both stable and unstable pallet loads at speeds of up to 30 RPM. Our industrial stretch wrapping solutions are capable of running a wide variety of sizes, and handle all standard stretch film widths. With load capacities ranging from 3,000 lbs. to unlimited weight, you are sure to find the right system to fit your needs.

Pallet Stretch Wrappers in Many Configurations

ARPAC pallet wrapping solutions are available in a variety of styles including platform, rotary and orbital. Through our unique WRAP-N-WEIGH® option, wrapping and weighing are combined into one operation by integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high or low profile turntables. This brings greater economy and efficiency to any wrapping operation that requires weighing. ARPAC systems also feature the Rockwell Allen-Bradley control platform.

ARPAC has standard models in stock for quick shipment, yet specializes in the design and development of custom machinery. We will apply our industry expertise, which includes 30,000 installations, to create pallet stretch wrapping equipment tailored to your exact needs.

Typical Applications for our Stretch Wrappers

ARPAC stretch wrapper solutions are widely used to wrap pallets and horizontal loads in the household care, construction, food, beverage, and personal care industries. We have deep experience developing stretch wrappers for countless products including metal bars, re-bars, lumber, molding, rolls and carpet. Other items typically wrapped include bottles, jars, cans, cartons and more.

Choosing the Right Solution

Finding the right equipment for your applications means understanding the difference between two main types of stretch wrappers. The turntable variety is used for the majority of pallet loads. It spins the pallet around as the film delivery system dispenses the stretch wrap. This type is portable and is suitable for small to medium loads. The other type is the saddle wrapper, which rotates around the load while it remains motionless. This is best for heavy or unstable loads, but typically is more expensive and requires additional space.

ARPAC's Commitment to You

From sales through installation and ongoing support, ARPAC is your experienced and dedicated partner in product packaging. ARPAC stretch wrappers come with free for-life training, aftermarket phone support, and remote diagnostics technology. Not sure what solution is right for you? An ARPAC applications specialist will be happy to assist you in deciding which stretch wrapper best fits your needs. Contact us at 847-678-9034, or click the link below to review our stretch wrapping equipment details.

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