The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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Packaging Cost, Material Usage and Capital Equipment ROI Calculator

Arpac Calc is used to calculate the amount of packaging material required to package a product and to compare secondary packaging design solutions. This calculator accomodates different methods of packaging (case, tray, bundle, pallet, etc.) and can compare the amount of packaging material used by each type.

ROI Calculator

In addition to material usage, cost parameters provide a financial tool to analyze the package design and/or compare multiple package options to find an optimal solution.

Finally, use these calculations (plus labor costs) to estimate a Capital Equipment Budget based on a desired ROI.

All package dimensions linked together in all calculators for easier convenience. Recommended film width and calculated length added to all film calculators.

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Today’s packaging professionals work to develop solutions that minimize material consumption, maintain the shipping integrity of a product, and analyze the financial investment for their company. Arpac Calc provides both a useful packaging design tool and a powerful cost calculator to assist in the development of optimal packaging solutions.

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