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Pallet Wrapping Machine

We manufacture a complete range of durable and reliable stretch wrap equipment, from a semi-automatic stretch wrapper to a fully automatic pallet wrapper available in low-profile, turntable, orbital and rotary designs. Whether you need light-duty unitizing of 20 loads per day, or three-shift, high-throughput wrapping of extremely heavy and irregular loads, or anything in between, ARPAC has a system to meet your requirements.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Standard models can be shipped immediately. In addition to these basic units, ARPAC’s experienced design and engineering teams can customize stretch wrappers to meet any special requirements you may have.


The new PRO-SERIES® enjoys the reputation of being one of the most cost-effective semi-automatic machines on the market today. A new ergonomic sturdy design, with chains enclosed in the tower frame, ensures safer operation.
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Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
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The SIDEWINDER® is part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization.
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ARPAC is pleased to present a stretch wrapping solution for this end of line packaging system.
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The Electro Wrap Rotary Tower, is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation.
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Inline Conveyorized Automatic Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper
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The PAC-SERIES heavy-duty conveyorized automatic turntable stretch wrapping system provides superior performance around-the-clock. Ideal for high speed conveyorized production lines, this inline system indexes pallet loads automatically into and out of the wrap zone and discharges loads without operator assistance.
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ARPAC's RTAC-SERIES heavy-duty conveyorized automatic rotary tower wrapping system offers superior performance around the clock. This system is ideal for high speed conveyorized production lines.
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The ARPAC POWER Series turntable wrapper, is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation.
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Ideal for low volume production environments, The Patriot can help reduce labor and material costs while improving production efficiencies at the same time.
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The Electro-Wrap Rotary Tower model is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation.
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Why Use a Stretch Wrap Machine? 

Compared to a pallet shrink wrap machine, steel or plastic banding, manual stretch wrapping, or other methods of unitization, automatic stretch wrappers offer a host of benefits — which is why stretch wrap is the most popular unitization system for manufacturers, distributors and shipping/fulfillment operations of all kinds. Important benefits of stretch wrap turntable, orbital and rotary systems include:

Why ARPAC for Stretch Wrap Equipment

When you partner with ARPAC, you’ll benefit from our: 

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