The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

ARPAC is a leading manufacturer of shrink film equipment, including multipackers for registered film. This end-of-line packaging equipment is ideal for product bundling where product information, branding, and visual appeal for the retail shelf and displays are important factors.

With more than 30,000 equipment installations around the world, ARPAC has earned a reputation for unsurpassed quality, durability, reliability and innovative engineering for our standard models and customized equipment.

Our print-registered multipackers — designed for trays, pads and film-only applications — are used in a wide range of industries. These include food and beverage, household products, pharmaceuticals, automotive, construction materials and hardware. 

ARPAC Multipacker: Standard Equipment

The BRANDPAC™ BPTW-5000 SERIES is the champion of tray shrink wrapping systems for medium to high volume food and beverage industries.
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ARPAC's BRANDPAC® BPTS-6000 continuous motion inline combination shrink wrapping machine is designed to serve a wide range of industries.
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Brandpac® BPSW Series high-speed, bottom overlap packing systems are specifically designed for the roofing shingle industry, or other wide product applications.
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The BRANDPACTM BPMP-5000 SERIES is the champion in multipacking equipment for medium to high volume food and beverage industries.
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Why Use a Shrink Film Multipacker for Registered Film? 

Registered print shrink film does not continuously repeat a logo or other images. Instead, it places a fixed, printed design on each bundled unit as it passes through the multipacker.

Registered print film essentially takes the place of a label. ARPAC is a highly experienced print-registered bundler manufacturer, with the technical skill and strong working relationships with shrink film manufacturers to build equipment that produces bundled units with crisp, clear graphics in the proper position.

Advantages of a multipacker for registered film include:   

Why Choose ARPAC As Your Print-Registered Bundler Manufacturer? 

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For further information about our multipackers and registered print capabilities, to discuss your application, or to receive a quote, please contact us now.