The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


Key Specs
Spare Parts
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Up to 60 trays per minute
Electrical Power Requirements
240 or 480V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 200A, 83kW or 166kW
Compressed Air Requirements
80 psi, 20 CFM
Width (across machine)
7” – 18”
Length (flow direction)
9” – 23”
Height Range
2” – 10”
Tray wall height: 1.5” – 4”
  • Continuous motion wraparound tray former/loader
  • Simple machine adjustments and quick change capabilities for fast product changeovers
  • Speeds up to 60 trays per minute (see chart)
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operation
  • Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
  • Baked on powder coat finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
  • Nordson ProBlue® hot melt glue unit for superior application flexibility and adhesion
  • Rolling canopy guarding provides safe, easy access to the machines interior
  • Allen-Bradley® PanelView Plus 1000 operator interface with color touchscreen, message display and self-diagnostics
  • NEMA 12 electrical cabinet
  • Allen-Bradley® controls
  • Low blank alert
  • Gentle product handling
  • Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance
  • Servo Driven Starwheel
  • 15 minute changeover (servo)
  • Accommodates round products only

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Product Description

TS-2000 SERIES Continuous Motion Wraparound Tray Loader

Arpac designs different groupers to accommodate a variety of product shapes. This assembly is used to separate products into pack groups and control the flow of product into the pacing flight bar assembly. ARPAC’s high-speed, continuous motion TrayStar™ Series makes tray loading a variety of products, such as bottles, cans, cartons, jars, fast and easy. The Traystar™ TS-2000 tray loader automatically loads product into a wraparound tray at speeds ranging from 1 to 60 trays per minute. Wraparound trays ensure that the product is enclosed in a tightly fit tray, preventing scuffing and product damage. The machine features gentle product handling and loading to keep your product looking newly packaged. ARPAC’s rapid changeover design with color-coded lane spacing guides, user-friendly touchscreen controls, and servo controlled collators, allows line operators to switch to a different product size in less than 30 minutes. The TS-2000 Traystar™ Tray Loader handles a wide range of products with its many infeed options and can be easily integrated with other equipment including tray wrappers, turners, and stackers.


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