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Palletizing & stretch wrapping cases of juice bottles
ARBOT-1000 Display Trays and Wrap Around Cases
Palletizing & stretch wrapping cases of processed food
ARBOT-1000 RSC Cases
Up-stacking & case packing paper plates
ARBOT-500 RSC Cases
Palletizing & stretch wrapping chipboard cartons
ARBOT-500 RSC Cases


The Arbot is a pre-engineered robotic palletizing cell that automatically stacks and wraps pallets to exact specifications. It consists of a multi-axis robot, gripper, automatic stretch wrapper, pallet dispenser and conveyance system within a space efficient footprint.

Arbot cells range from a one-line in, one-line out configuration, up to a four-line in, four-line out configuration to match production needs.

Grippers are matched to the application and range from simple suction cups and vacuum plates, to fork and bag style tools. Custom tool designs are also available to accommodate virtually any product.

The system can accommodate cases, trays, bundles, bags, etc. Speeds vary by application; however, rates up to 60 pieces per minute are possible.

An automatic pallet dispenses supplies pallets as needed and can be reloaded while to system is running to maximize efficiency. Slip sheets and tier sheets can also be placed as needed.

After the load is complete, it is transferred to a fully automatic stretch wrapping station, allowing

the robot to immediately begin building the next pallet. Wrapped pallets are then discharged to a staging conveyor for pick-up. For operator safety, a fully interlocked guard system is provided that immediately stops the robot in the event that a perimeter door is opened.

Robotic palletizing systems offer consistent, predictable production; usually at higher rates than their human counterparts. They improve quality and minimize rework and can work 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Additionally, they can handle heavy/ difficult products and prevent injuries.

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Product Description

To better serve the needs of our customers, ARPAC offers custom engineered, fully integrated systems. Integration projects can range from a few strategically matched machines to complex systems incorporating equipment from multiple OEM sources.

ARPAC’s wide product offering is unmatched in the industry! Our highly experienced technical staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities make us an ideal partner for your next integration project!


Customers tell us that purchasing an integrated packaging line from ARPAC provides:

  • The Quickest Route from Concept to Production
    • Up to a 50% reduction in system design and delivery time
    • Up to 100% faster site start-ups
  • The Lowest Risk Option
    • Single point responsibility for the project
    • Properly designed accumulation, line controls, machine designs
    • Tested and demonstrated as a complete system prior to shipment
  • The Most Flexible Solution
    • Line is designed to accommodate potential future products
    • Modular design to allow future for rate increases
    • Scalable – can be implemented in phases

As an OEM with over 30,000 packaging systems worldwide, ARPAC specializes in systems integration. Our versatile machines can integrate seamlessly with other manufacturers’ or each other – not only can we modify existing lines, we can design and deliver entire packaging systems from scratch. Whatever your packaging situation, ARPAC has an answer for you. If you don’t see it here, we’ll build it!


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