The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Key Specs
Spare Parts
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Up to 120 PPM
Electrical Power Requirements
208/240 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 HZ, 35 Amps
Compressed Air Requirements
no air required
Width (across machine)
S18 – 18”
S24 – 24”
S36 – 31”
Length (flow direction)
Height Range
S18 – 8”
S24 – 12”
S36 – 12”
Film Roll Diameter
Film Gauge
45-90 mil
Film Type
Polyolefin, LDPE, PVC
Other Film Specifications
S18 film width – 25” CF
S24 film width – 30” CF
S36 film width – 36” CF
  • Dual axis servo driven cross seal
  • 9’ dual chain infeed with integrated electronic gearing –DC and DC-P Models Only
  • 4’ dual chain infeed with integrated slip torque conveyor – GDC Model Only
  • Potato transfer modifications – DC-P Model Only
  • 9’ flighted bar infeed with ac vector drive – FB Model Only
  • High speed servo compression belt to belt indexing infeed with speed modulation programming – CBB Only
  • High speed servo compression belt to flight indexing infeed with speed modulation programming – CBF only
  • High speed servo belt to belt indexing infeed with speed modulation programming – BBS Only
  • Servo belt to flight indexing infeed with speed modulation programming – SBF Only
  • Next Gen Side Seal with overload and wrap sensor technology
  • Pinwheel film perforator with backup brush for excess air discharge during shrink
  • Electronic film bunching at cross seal relieves film tension between products resulting in consistently stronger seals
  • Low height film rack holds double length centerfolded rolls of film up to 16” diameter
  • Powered selvage winder with dancer bar control and film break detection
  • Adjustable film inverting folders
  • Complete tool less change over
  • Multi-zone seal bar for even heat distribution
  • Electronic jam protection programming at cross seal
  • Inclinometers at film unwind and selvage winder replaces potentiometers
  • Direct driven conveyor sections eliminates maintenance

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Product Description

Dual Axis Servo Controlled Wrappers for Speeds to 120 PPM

The S Series is available with a number of plug and play infeeds to fit your present and future needs. This state of the art motion control platform consists of Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet communication and Color Touch Screen. Kinetix drives for Dual-Axis Servo cross seal and three 1 HP Direct Drive Vector motors drive the side seal, traveling belt and infeed conveyors. The cross seal can operate in programmable cam, package activated auto length and random length mode. The Programmable Orbit feature produces strong, quality seals with all commercial shrink films. This platform offers high speed operation, repeatability, low maintenance, reliability and extraordinary flexibility.


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