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Home Equipment Pallet Wrapping Machine


Key Specs
Spare Parts
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Up to 15 RPM rotating arm can deliver 25–45 loads per hour
Variable carriage speed up to 21 FPM
Electrical Power Requirements
120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 20 A, 2.4 kW
Width (across machine)
Length (flow direction)
Height Range
24” – 80”
Film Roll Diameter
Other Film Specifications
Film pre-stretch capability from 150% to 300% stretch factor (200% standard)
  • Flashing safety beacon
  • Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters
  • Magnetic proximity switches in place of mechanical limit switches
  • Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)
  • Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
  • Long range photo eye for automatic load height sensing
  • User-friendly push button operator control panel
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Positive home position alignment
  • Heavy-duty, welded steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
  • Eco-friendly, durable powder coating
  • Up to 15 RPM rotating arm can deliver 25–45 loads per hour
  • Dual V-belt drive rotating arm
  • NEMA 3 commutator
  • Allen-Bradley® power, control, and safety components
  • Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix™ PLC
  • NEMA 12 electrical cabinet
  • UL/CSA approved components
  • EZ-Load® film pre-stretch dispenser for 20″ film rolls
  • Dual anti-static film rollers with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Film pre-stretch capability from 150 to 300% stretch (200% standard)
  • Variable carriage speed up to 21 FPM
  • Belt lift for quiet operation
  • Dancer bar variable corner compensation
  • Electronic film tension adjustment control

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Product Description

Semi-Automatic Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

ARPAC is pleased to present a stretch wrapping solution for this end of line packaging system. The ARPAC Electro-Wrap Semi-Automatic Rotary Tower pallet wrapper, is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation. The system operation begins as the pallet load is positioned under the rotary arm of the ARPAC Electro-Wrap stretch wrapping machine. The film is manually attached to the pallet load and starts the stretch wrapping cycle. The ARPAC Film-Saver® unwinds the film and passes it through a series of rollers simultaneously pre-stretching the material common to this type of wrapping operation. The film saver carriage travels up the tower and then back down ensuring the load or product is properly and evenly wrapped and secured. As soon as the wrapping sequence is completed, the film is manually cut and wiped onto the load to secure the film tail. Once the film tail is secured, the wrapped load can be removed and the cycle repeated.