The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Key Specs
Spare Parts
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standard (depending on product and conditions)
shingling/grouping with optional 1175 shingler
shingling without indexing up to 800 slices per minute
shingle & index up to 450 spm
bulk shingling up to 1000 spm
Electrical Power Requirements
230/460 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
Compressed Air Requirements
1/2 SCFM at 80 psi
  • High speed slicing at 800 slices per minute (depending upon product and conditions)
  • Rugged yet simple design
  • Compact design – the 1085SS requires merely 10 square feet of floor space
  • Versatile product carriage adapts to short or extra-long logs
  • Adjustable speed dial allows the slicer speed to match packaging and handling speeds
  • Adjustable slice thickness dial
  • The blade features replaceable segmented cutting edge for significant savings
  • Fixed-position knife and 3-point suspension carriage for precise, clean slices
  • Electronic counter for selecting groups of one to 99 slices
  • User-friendly operator controls
  • Low maintenance system
  • Modular design for fast, simple servicing
  • No special tools or training required to operate or service
  • High yield of finished product
  • Continuous slicing

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Product Description

High Speed Food Slicer

The 1085SS Slicer is ideal for slicing a wide variety of foods. Besides the sanitation, the slicer also
provides ease of use, low maintenance and high output. The 1085SS affords less downtime, while providing increased production and more salable slices. This increases profits, making the slicer inexpensive to operate and maintain.


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