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The Future of Machine Monitoring and Data Collection

Published on December 25, 2018

The speed at which we receive information is not slowing down.  As a society we are used to having information in the palm of our hands, literally.  One study showed that the average adult spends up to 5.9 hours a day with digital media.  This makes sense considering our cell phones allow us to constantly engage with texting, social media apps, and finding answers to all  of our questions on Google.   Well what if Google doesn’t have the answer?  BeConnected is Arpac’s solution to this problem.

BeConnected is our real time remote monitoring system that can be accessed anywhere the internet is available through a browser based web-app.  This solution allows the customer to sort through data such as uptime, production (quantity and rate), downtime by cause, user defined time frames on reports, current machine status, preventative scheduling maintenance alerts, and more.   It is also loaded with all the machine documentation such as operation and maintenance manual, electrical schematics, mechanical assemblies, and other important documents.

All that is needed to get BeConnected up and running is a single Ethernet drop to the machine.  There is no server, no software, and no IT staff needed.   It uses a secure communication leveraging HMS/eWon’s best in class IIoT gateway allowing for encrypted outbound VPN with dedicated end-points and manual hard disconnect.   Our secured client app has end-to-end encryption of user information and has no local connection to Flexy devices by web-app users.

As big data continues to shape how companies measure success, BeConnected is the way of the future for monitoring and collecting data accurately.

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