Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician

ARPAC recognizes the importance of a quick response when machines are down. If your maintenance staff is unable to diagnose an issue, wouldn't it be great if you could "beam" an ARPAC factory-certified service technician to your plant? A few hours could be the difference between filling an order and missing a shipment.

That's why ARPAC has developed a package that we call "Virtual Technician Services" (VTS). Using an Ethernet or wireless broadband connection, our unique package of hardware and software immediately sends a stream of video and data to ARPAC's help desk, allowing our service engineers to provide your local staff with remote diagnostics and support.

ARPAC's VTS package provides the following benefits:

  • Remote diagnostics of machine issues
  • Fast response time to machine down calls
  • Budget friendly assistance by saving travel and labor costs
  • Annual subscription programs tailored to the level of required support
  • Maximizing your machine’s uptime and output

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