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Shrink Tunnels

The unique chamber design and airflow system of this shrink wrap tunnel allow the operator complete control of the shrink process, whether the product and film require a gentle airflow or greater circulation for high speeds and high-quality shrink.
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The Vision Series heat shrink tunnel features a mesh belt conveyor designed to produce high-quality shrink packages for retail display.
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MESH BELT Shrink Tunnels
ARPAC shrink tunnel machines with mesh belt conveyors are designed to produce a complete, uniform shrink using all available shrink films, including polyethylene, polyolefin and PVC.
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Hot Plate Shrink Tunnels produce a complete and uniform shrink in most high-speed wrapping applications by pulling seal lines to the bottom or sides of the package. Typical applications include pizzas, stationery, greeting cards and calendars.
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The ECO-Tunnel shrinks bundles using nearly 50% less energy than any other tunnel in the market. Compared to other heat shrink tunnel machines, this tunnel has a small footprint and creates pristine bulls-eyes.
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Choose ARPAC for Your Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine

A reliable shrink tunnel is an essential component of any shrink-wrapping system. To create a securely wrapped and attractive package, the heat tunnel machine must apply the right amount of heat consistently within each shrink cycle and from one item to another throughout the entire product run. Variations in temperature and conveyor speed will compromise quality control and increase the risk of product damage or customer rejections. 

ARPAC shrink tunnels can be found in thousands of manufacturing and assembly operations all around the world. Our sales, design, engineering and service staffs have experience in virtually all industrial sectors, with special expertise in automotive, beverage, building materials, consumer products, contract packaging, food, health and beauty, material handling, and printing and publishing. 

ARPAC’s extensive line of shrink wrap tunnel machines ensures that you can select the unit best suited to the unique requirements of your application. ARPAC offers:

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