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ARPAC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer

ARPAC, since its inception in 1971, has been the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of innovative end-of-line secondary packaging solutions. Because our machines are designed and built on-site, ARPAC is not constrained by the limitations of standard-issue equipment; while standard models are available for quick shipment, our specialty is custom-engineered machinery tailor-fit to our customers’ production lines.  In our 42 years of industry experience, we have developed machines to pack virtually anything, from pocket-size consumer goods to blocks of raw material the size of houses – and our vertically integrated production facility boasts one of the fastest order-to-shipment times in the industry. Due to the customized nature of our product, our machines can integrate just as readily with our competitors’ as with each other. Over 30,000 production lines worldwide have chosen ARPAC, but the possibilities for innovation are endless.

 AM2: The ARPAC Manufacturing Method

 ARPAC has developed its own form of lean manufacturing called AM2 (ARPAC Manufacturing Method). AM2 is a selection of lean concepts designed to streamline our multi-faceted production process and ensure the highest quality product in the shortest possible lead time. AM2 overlays four focus factories dedicated to a variety of packaging systems from standard quick ship units to highly customized engineer to order systems. AM2 is controlled by the latest lean manufacturing techniques including kanban, automated purchasing and supplier managed inventories. AM2 also utilizes many visual manufacturing tools to ensure full transparency in project progress, as well as accurate budget and lead time controls.

Vertical Integration

ARPAC operates a fully vertically integrated manufacturing process. This means that we maintain control of every facet of production to ensure the highest quality and most accurate delivery. Beginning with our full in-house engineering team, every machine is designed to flow through our lean production environment. Our 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art machine shop is home to advanced sheet metal laser cutting systems, robotic welding and CNC machine centers that are capable of running in a “lights out” environment. In addition, machine frames and parts are finished with highly durable and scratch resistant powder coat process. ARPAC’s assembly operation and electrical assembly are also state-of-the-art and organized by product type into focus factories that ensure unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Every machine is also subject to stringent final assurance and quality control process to ensure that it meets production specifications. Lastly, ARPAC’s 24-hour parts call center and highly specialized field service technicians ensure maximum customer service and machine up time.