Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Since its inception in 1971, ARPAC has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative end-of-line secondary packaging solutions. With 30,000 installations worldwide, ARPAC packaging systems have been successfully installed in virtually every industry. Our machines provide tailor-fit packaging solutions to producers of foods, beverages, printed publications, pharmaceutical goods, health & beauty products, building supplies, automotive products, material handling companies and a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods. This broad scope of expertise has led us to develop an equally wide range of machinery, capable of solving virtually any packaging problem.

ARPAC's vast packaging product line includes shrink wrappers, shrink bundlers, tray formers, case formers, tray packers, case packers, shrink tunnels, pallet stretch wrappers and stretch hooding systems. All our machines are highly customizable, and we specialize in designing integrated production lines tailor-fit to customers' needs.

ARPAC's headquarters, manufacturing, training facility and showroom are centrally located in Schiller Park, IL, near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. ARPAC maintains sales offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and selected countries worldwide.

ARPAC has 230 employees and occupies 180,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. ARPAC machinery is sold and serviced by our international network of 500 independent distributors.

Significant Milestones

  • 1971 – ARPAC is established in Schiller Park, IL
  • 1987 – ARPAC is acquired by president Michael Levy, an industry veteran
  • 1990 – ARPAC develops line of wrap around tray and case pack systems
  • 1994 – ARPAC develops high speed Capra form fill and seal system
  • 1998 – ARPAC develops TrayStar high speed tray packers
  • 1999 – ARPAC develops standard horizontal shrink wrapping equipment
  • 2001 – ARPAC becomes the North American distributor of Hanagata automatic L-bar sealers
  • 2001 – ARPAC embarks on AM2 Lean Manufacturing Program/Industrialization
  • 2002 – ARPAC adds pallet stretch wrapping equipment to the product line through acquisition
  • 2004 – ARPAC University and Training Center opens
  • 2007 – ARPAC develops line of standard tray, case and box formers
  • 2008 – ARPAC develops AGR-SERIES becoming industry leader in dairy line products
  • 2010 - ARPAC FOOD GROUP established